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Advanced Digital Hearing Aids

Digital amplification provides the user with crystal clear, multiple channel listening pleasure. Digital devices are equipped with programs to match any listening environment.

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Soft Hearing Aids

This patented device is made from medical grade silicone and actually bends with jaw movement. Allows users to comfortably wear the device for extended periods of time.

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Electronic Hearing Protection

The latest in sound protection. Our hearing protectors safe-guard user's hearing and allows for communication with others around them. For use while hunting, mowing the lawn, running a chain saw, or participating in any activity that noise is a hazard. Passive hearing protectors, protection without any electronics, are also available.

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Tinnitus Treatment Instruments

Do you experience a ringing in your ear? This could be a condition called tinnitus. We offer a variety of devices to help overcome this condition.


Analog Hearing Aids

Recent advances in hearing aid technology provides more choices when choosing your device than ever before. While we provide advanced digital hearing aids, we still offer aids that use basic linear amplification. Both analog and digital hearing aids come in a full range of sizes from completely-in-the-canal to behind-the-ear. Custom devices require ear impressions so that the hearing aid can be made precisely to the configuration of your ears.


Cleaning Systems

Protect your hearing investment! Hearing devices can become clogged with earwax, the SpinStation eliminates this problem and prolongs the life of your device.

Swim Plugs

Keeps inner ear dry while in the pool or shower. Recommended for children with middle ear tubes.